YULIA The name is of Latin origin and it means "curly, frizzy" Yulia is a thin-skinned and touchy girl with rich or even wild imagination. She is prone to sudden shifts in her mood when she might become sad and apathetic out of the blue. At that time she had better be left to her own and in a short time she will be back to her previous state again. It is difficult to reason with her since she will hold her own till the last ditch and finally she will be exceedingly reluctant to admit her fault. Yulia can be fearful as she does not like horror films and can lose her conscience at the sight of blood. Adult Yulia is thrifty and a marvelous cook. She devotes practically all her time to her family; she does not attach much importance to her job and career ladder and that is why she comes across with her colleagues as a lazy worker. Yulia is usually successful in her marriage; she is vey hospitable. Her friends are always willing to come along to her place as she is not mean, she loves chatting and sincerely rejoices at their success. Yulia's stubbornness obvious in her character since childhood causes significant complications to her. She would not follow any advice even if she finds them reasonable deep at heart. This feature interferes with Yulia's getting along well with her mother and mother-in-law so that she prefers to live separately from them. Yulia adores reading. She will never allow her husband to get bored since she will bring diversity into their family life. Yulia's husband usually is head over heels in love with her and is agreeable to everything she suggests. Yulia thinks the world of her children.