ZHENYA The female variant of Eugene. The name is of Greek origin and it means "noble". Little Eugenia lives in the world of her imagination with her own rules and laws. She takes great interest in Jesus Christ's life while her peers are fascinated by fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood". Little Eugenia is calm, even-tempered and thoughtful; she can easily be influenced by other people. She loves do something with her hands and can play about in a peaceful solitude for hours on end. Traditional children's games are not totally foreign to her - she can run about in the yard with other girls or play with them "hide-and-seek", but she does not abandon herself to these amusements in comparison to other children. At school Eugenia reaches for teachers; she asks additional questions and comes across as an inquisitive girl. Her classmates appreciate Eugenia's feeling of justice and helpfulness. She gets along with her parents well and is strict when it comes to more intimate friendship with boys. She prefers to learn all about intimate relations from specialized literature and carefully avoids similar discussions with her girlfriends. As Eugenia grows up she develops such qualities as intolerance and obstinacy. She is very thin-skinned and easily offended. It is enough for someone to disagree with her and Eugenia can blow off her handle. Meanwhile it is often herself who provides breeding ground for conflicts since she is very irritable. These are frequent quarrels and arguments which can poison the relationship in Eugenia's family and even lead to splitting up. There are not many people who are ably to put up with such character and pretension to total leadership. However Eugenia is punctual and she observes the time. That is particularly characteristic of Eugenia born in winter - her habit to do everything on the dot can go as far as annoy people around her. Eugenia can make a good housewife, doctor or lawyer. Eugenia is quite moralistic and shows it immediately with womanizers and danglers. She likes men with quaint and old-fashioned manners, courteous and reserved. Eugenia is hospitable and can surprise her guests with carefully and elegantly laid table with delicious dishes provided she has been warned about their coming beforehand. She does not like any "spur of the moments" in anything. Eugenia is thrifty and does not waste money on trifles; she does not throw away old stuff as well thinking it may come in handy on some occasion in the future. Her children love her despite being slightly afraid of her steep nature.