ZOYA It is the name of Old Greek origin and it means "life." Zoya is an obedient and sociable child. She believes in fairy tales and she gets really upset when she learns that Santa Claus does not exist. Her friends are mainly girls since she is slightly afraid of boys and their wild temper. She is a great storyteller particularly good at horror stories which she invents herself. She is a good aide to her mother. Zoya is good at the humanities; she loves pets and growing plants. If these hobbies are maintained and developed in her as a child Zoya can make a good biologist in the future. Zoy's quiet and easy-going nature allows her to get along with the majority of people. She has practically no arguments with her husband nor with colleagues or neighbours. She can tell people using her intuition and her judgments are based purely on it - she does not take into account gossips and rumours. Zoya feels the slightest change in the state of mind of another person and she can much tell about him from his voice, intonation and mimics. Zoya's interest in human nature and inner world can lead her to becoming a fortune-teller or extrasensory individual. Zoya regard any twist of fate as inevitability which should be only resigned to. Zoya can be a deeply religious person although she may not go to church. Faith gives her consolation in her private life which is not always a successful one. Whirlwind of activities and experience in life makes Zoya feel exhausted. She is deeply devoted to her family.