Russian women as a national treasure for the export

In the 90s, the American journalist Paul Khlebnikov asked European man about the life in Moscow in one of Arbat nightclubs, he said everything is ok there, but the main thing - “there are women, and these women are incredible. - He added: - Russians, probably do not realize, but soon their women will become the main product for export, besides of vodka and weapons. "
In nineties, many Russian women have moved to the West. First foreigners came back from Russia with the beauty - wife. On television, the fashion parade, in glossy magazines and in the movies and on the sidewalks of large European cities appeared and firmly established the Slav beauty. For many men in the West Russian woman has become a dream that can come true, and it is very inexpensive. While in the West there was a huge demand for Russian women and the brides from Russia went around the world looking for the warmth and a better life.
Beauty, grooming and cleanliness Russian women have become an integral part of their image. Making imaginable and unimaginable sacrifices, they look stunning even with their low income. Their smartness and ability to take care of yourselves attract Western men.

Not only the beauty but also the mysterious Russian soul excites the practical men's minds, causing only the admiration. And what do you need to do that to win her heart? At first that to answer this question we need to understand what a Russian woman is waiting for, why does she visit this dating site, why is she looking for a foreign husband? First of all she is looking for incongruity: the western consistency and stability - on the one hand, and the Russian Romanticism and generosity - on the other one.
We often about some historical reasons that Russian women combine both European and Oriental character traits. What does it mean? This means that, as the majority of them are well educated women, with a cultural development, they, nevertheless, are not infected with feminism, a disease that has affected European women and carried American women to the point of absurdity.
Another national trait of Russian women (as well as Ukrainians and Belarusians) is their romanticism. This is perhaps the only feature of Russian men they want to add to the character of their foreign fans.
This is truth Russian men have always had a reputation for romantics capable of desperate acts for the sake of the beloved. Western pragmatism, the habit of thinking about the future and to pay all the bills - that's fine, but add a touch of romantic follies and improvisation in your relationship and your Russian sweetheart just lose your head!


In western countries, especially in those accepting male immigrants in big quantities, in the USA and Canada, there is a chronic lack of family-oriented women. An object of a focused attention following streams of Chinese and Filipino brides became Russian girls – white-skinned, educated, pretty and sexy. The bridal market needed a new brand and it got it – 'the brides from Russia’ Read more