Russian woman older than 30 - this is the same 20 year old attractive girl, only more independent, well-groomed and confident. Is it the truth from the point of view of a man? At 20, a girl does not think about serious relations with a man, a man just likes her. After 30 every Russian woman has more critical attitude to herself, pays more attention to her appearance and self-development.
Under 30 a lady has already had considerable experience, which makes her wise in relationship with the opposite sex. This woman has already had a lot of fun and made some mistakes in a life, and now she is looking for a stable quiet relationship.
You cannot ignore the sexual experience, which makes her a skilful lover. A woman over 30 is well-versed in the intricacies of intimate pleasures and knows how to deliver maximum pleasure to her man.

Typically, a woman in Russia older than 30 has a stable job which makes her financially independent and a relationship with their partner more sincere. And now she is ready for a family life. She knows exactly what she wants.
Every Russian woman in this age is actively taking care for her body, paying attention to her dresses; she knows how to present herself the best, and how to hide her disadvantages.
There are also some problems, most women of this age are divorced and have children. And in this case you can meet some difficulties, both emotional and financial. And why is she divorced? Maybe she does not know how to build a relationship with a man.
It is possible that men who clearly and rationally decided to get married a Russian woman , you can find more than a dozen "cons" and "pros" in the characterization of women older than 30. But if they have any feelings, then it does not matter how old you are, a pure love combined with the wisdom is able to create a strong happy family for both of the partners.