The most important features of each of Caucasian women are the hospitality and cordiality, respect to the history and culture of your nation and some other people. Friendship and keeping promises, respect and deference to the older generation, modesty and courtesy, hard work. And of course the unique burning beauty is an undisputable advantage of Georgian girls. Persistence of character and the strength of will, diligence, emotional restraint, ability to have healthy children and good housekeeping are the main characteristics of any Georgian brides.
Speaking about Georgian women, we have to accentuate their elegance and unsurpassed ability to wear clothes. No wonder there are a lot of legends about the perfect taste and style of Georgians. Beauties, tall and modest, but able to protect themselves. Intelligent and at the same time gentle, modern and feminine. In Georgia, you can hardly meet a woman in pants or jeans. They prefer dresses, skirts, blouses. According to the brides from Georgia a girl must be a woman and emphasize her beauty and femininity.