As it is known, Belarusian land is famous with its beauties for the whole world. To confirm this statement we advise you to become acquainted with the most beautiful, sexy and attractive girls of the country.
Ekaterina Domankova
She is a young and beautiful Belarusian model who has already managed to make a claim about herself in the whole world by becoming a winner of the Supermodel of the World– 2006 contest. Now she takes part in many notable shows, is a face of some well-known trademarks and tries herself in the field of television.

Irina Hanunik-Rombalskaya
A TV-host, an actress and a model who has under her belt 2 higher educations in the field of journalism and law. She completely gives herself up to any undertaking and probably that’s why she gained such a success.

Sasha Pavlova
This girl has also managed to take a turn through the world. Under her belt there is a victory in the ‘Last Hero’ reality show in Holland. She was also pictured on the Playboy cover. Now she is a successful Belarusian model and TV-host.

Anna Sharkunova
A popular Belarusian singer without whom no concert is taking place. She is a winner if many festivals.

Lucia Luschik
Probably, the most famous Belarusian TV-host, an absolute professional in her business. But sometimes she acts as a model, and that’s right: one shouldn’t conceal such a beauty.

Yulia Skalkovich
The girl studies architecture in Brest State Technical University. She freely speaks four languages. It is enough already to consider her prominent. But concurrently Yulia also took part in ‘Miss World – 2012’.