Women from Belarus are different; they live better than other women in other republics of the former Soviet Union. They occupy the first place in standard of life, which naturally has a positive effect on their mentality. Among the women from Belarus there are much more girls satisfied with their lives and their financial and social status than women in other countries of the CIS. After Belarus, on the second place are women from Moldova and on the third one - Russian women, then representatives of Kazakhstan and Ukraine. We also take into account the quality of education, the level of female literacy, and the percentage of women in a government.
But the most important thing is that you are deeply admired in women from Belarus is a spiritual perfection, wisdom and charm. The nature has endowed them with tenderness, delicacy, hard work and love of life. Despite the fact that the role of women in society has increased, and many ladies have become more socially active, they still value the institution of marriage and family and always put it in the first place in their life.

Brides from Belarus have good housekeeping skills, they are good mothers and wives, they are well educated, that is why very often they make a successful career and obtain quick promotion at work. They are always interesting interlocutors; they are able to conquer any person with their intellectual level. In this case, Byelorussian, like all Slav women is unpretentious, fairly modest and immensely kind. The nature has been given special gifts to Slav nation: sensuality and altruism, the desire to do good for everyone. And perhaps there is no greater happiness in a life of every man than that to be married a girl or a woman from Belarus!