In Moldova there are strong patriarchal and religious traditions, unusual social culture. Moldova brides are sociable, easy going people and spontaneous in expressing their emotions. In this case, we can talk about the overall religiosity inherent in all Moldovans. Both adults and young people visit a church 2-3 times a day.
In contrast to Western society, men from Moldova mainly appreciate a woman who is able to take care of the household, a good cook, can raise children, and can prove that she is a worthy wife. This is an absolute huge plus of all Moldovan girls.

It is believed that in Moldova live the most beautiful women. They are cordial, kind, lovely, good interlocutors, sometimes glib tongues. They are a little look like the Romanians, but more feminine, attractive and charming. The beauty of the Moldovan women is genetic. Since their childhood, girls know how to demonstrate their best merits; they can even go a few times to the grocery stores just to show their elegance in the street.
Moldova girls are vulnerable natures; they are sincere and are rich in spirit, they are sensual and feminine ladies. A wife from Moldova is a dream of many men!