Women’s marriage migration as a social phenomenon appeared in the 90-ies, just after the fall of the Soviet Union. And up to now woman marry representatives of foreign states and leave Russia to become citizens of foreign countries.
Young women leave for abroad: 60% – at the age of 30; 7% of them – younger than 20; 30% – at the age of 30-40. An average age of marriage migrants is 28 years old.
Another peculiarity of marriage migration of Russian brides is their high education level – more than a half of them already have a higher education, many go on with their education abroad.
Why do Russian brides leave for abroad in a search of personal happiness? What are they dissatisfied in local men with?
First, many girls consider foreigners to be more responsible family men and they hope for creation of a firm and friendly family abroad. Besides, they want a normal future for their children, want to give them a good education which is much better accessible abroad. Many just don’t want to give birth to children in the country with a poor living conditions, crummy salaries and education inaccessible for a common person.
Second, the majority of young women realize that in their motherland they have no perspectives and they hope to get an education and a good job abroad. Some just follow an example of their acquaintances and friends who married a foreigner and successfully arranged their life outside the borders of their own country, others leave to study and find their second half there.
But not only young girls dream of marrying a foreigner. A large percentage of those who migrate make Russian brides of 35-45 years old. What prompts them to leave their near and dear, their acquired property and even husbands with whom they leaved for 10-15 years? Somebody’s personal life proved to be unsuccessful. Somebody’s husband annoyed her with his alcohol addiction and she is hoping to meet a good decent man in a foreign country.
First of all, leaving for abroad women count on stability. They want to have decent living conditions and an ability to create a sound family based on love and respect.


small info about Russia:

Full country name: Russian Federation
Area: 17.07 million sq km
Population: 144.53million
Capital City: Moscow
People: 81 Russian, 4% Tatar, 3% Ukrainian and numerous ethnic minorities
Language: Russian
Religion: Russian Orthodox, Islam, Animist
Government: federation
Major Trading Partners: EU (esp. Germany), Belarus, Ukraine, USA, China

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