At all times and in every society there has been a category of women representing their elite. Not depending on class they belonged to they inspire dignity and respect to themselves. In their presence men suck in and straighten their backs, become extremely gallant and attentive and they value their friendship. They are referred to as ‘ladies’ as assuming their noble origin, as originally lords and barons had such a title.
Why are such girls today treated with respect and reverence, one tries to win their liking and catch every of their word and others are not noticed at all no matter how they try? Why in presence of some girl even the most impenitent vulgarians and jokers forget their constant role of clowns suddenly presenting to the world wonders of a gentleman’s conduct? And when suddenly one of such ladies proudly passes along a street, one will certainly turn his head backwards and somebody will whisper after: ‘A lady!’
A difference of a real Russian lady from other women is in the fact that her presence those surrounding her try to be better, cleverer, better bred, improve themselves somehow. This difference is evasive at first, it consists of hundreds of little nuances in behavior and manner of dressing. It’s an inner discipline and calmness, inscrutability and amiability. Just every Russian girl for whom qualities of a personality which are impossible to buy are important above all: femininity, honesty, nobility and faithfulness tries to school oneself to these very qualities of a real lady. Among other simple ladies she outstands with a straight posture and special elegance. It’s not compulsory a model appearance and not in-thing clothes. Quite the opposite, her manner of dressing corresponds more to a quite classic style: her clothes always corresponds to place a time, it is feminine and quite fashionable but always of a good quality, though not always expensive – not all Russian ladies are well-to-do. An exclusion is probably only in a bag and shoes – a real lady accepts only a high quality of these accessories.

A real lady from Russia will never let herself arrogance, but she always keeps a distance not letting herself get into an embarrassing or ambiguous situation – she won’t just tolerate it as she has never let catching herself flatfooted: neither in appearance nor in actions.
A Russian Lady hallows a saying: ‘Punctuality is a kingly virtue’. She is punctual and demands it from the others. Maximum what she can let herself and others is a little delay, no more than several minutes, but in this case she will obligatorily try to inform the one with whom a meeting is arranged.