For many years already in the world there exists the vogue of Russian women. Everywhere there is a legend about beautiful, kind, housewifely, practically ideal women who are born, grow-up and live on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. According to this legend, practically every russian wife dreams of marrying a foreigner. The most interesting thing is that this legend is not so far apart from the truth. In Russia since the times of the Soviet Union already a special attitude to foreigners appeared. During the times of the ‘iron curtain’, then at the times of hungry and wild 90-ies girls and women from various regions and practically of all ages where not against meeting a prince and marrying him.
With the development of the internet and an appearing of an abundance of dating sites there appeared also specialized sites – only for Russian women and foreign fiancés. It is worth admitting that even now when it became known that the life of Russian brides abroad is not so trouble-free, that living abroad women deal with many hardships and problems which often don’t cancel a necessity of working and dealing with household, Russian wives are still attracted with overseas.
They still dream of a nice fairy-tale and this is despite many cases of Russian mothers being taken away their children and being deprived of parental rights, despite the stories that in a foreign countries it is hard for women to accommodate and accept the peculiarities of a local way of life, traditions. The hardest is to get another religion, to buddy up with relatives and friends of one’s partner, to learn the language, to get a more or less good job and so on – the list is huge. That’s why one can for a big love venture upon such a serious step.


small info about Russia:

Full country name: Russian Federation
Area: 17.07 million sq km
Population: 144.53million
Capital City: Moscow
People: 81 Russian, 4% Tatar, 3% Ukrainian and numerous ethnic minorities
Language: Russian
Religion: Russian Orthodox, Islam, Animist
Government: federation
Major Trading Partners: EU (esp. Germany), Belarus, Ukraine, USA, China