An interesting polling was held by employees of one Ukrainian dating agency. They tried to find out what the difference is between western and Ukrainian men for women. The second question put for respondents was what Ukrainian girls like in men from Europe and the USA. Totally 370 people currently took part in the polling. It’s not too much but also not little. In general, one may say that results reflect the real image.
And it turns out to be that the majority of Ukrainian ladies to a question ‘What are foreign men better than ours in?' answered ‘Nothing’. At the second place is an answer ‘Attitude to a woman and children’, at the third – 'Attitude to life’. And here the answer for those who state that ladies from Ukraine are attracted only by material benefits. It was an answer point ‘Material welfare' that was found to be at place last but one.
Therefore Ukrainian lady look in western men not money, houses and cars at all. All these women just want to find a husband in the internet, want to get married, have a family and kids, want a simple human and feminine happiness. They don’t look for any easy life, they look for normal men. Ukrainian brides look on life soberly and don’t think that western men are somewhat better than ours.
And one more thing, Ukrainian women don't want to build relationships with men who live in a constant pessimism and complain that the world is unjust to them. And at the same time don’t change anything in their life to improve the situation. Women want to live with strong men looking positively at life, who can really be a support for their wives and families and an example for their children. And not at all an example in number of beer consumed while laying in front of a TV.


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A popular stereotype – a Ukrainian girl has long dark hair, beautiful dark complexion, nice curves, not too skinny and not too fat. Very expressive big eyes, plump lips. Also a Ukrainian girl should be tall. And the main thing is that she is naturally beautiful. Is it really so?

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