Ukraine is a country with many financial problems and women still like little pleasures of life. A box of handmade chocolates from a small store or a bouquet of roses from a street stall will cause a genuine happy smile on her face.

Women from Ukraine get real pleasure while enjoying their femininity. Femininity in their understanding is soft and tender description that manifests itself in appearance, manners, and the nature of Ukrainian women. Feminine nature gives the impression of lightness and delicacy and you can feel the spirit of obedience and charming dependence on men who take care and protect a woman.
Ukrainian women, for the most part, are the girls with a Degree who speak more than one language, and who are able to cook perfectly. They want to get married earlier the Americans and Europeans, and know their value. Young brides love to be a good wife and a mother. In Eastern Europe, it is good to be a loving wife and a mother; it is still considered a respectable job for a woman. It was the same in the USA in the 50’s. These amazing beauties want to be your princesses ... want to admire you as their heroes and protectors.
They understand the difference between a man and a woman; they still want to please their husbands, and to obtain from them the same. And, the family comes first. It's their upbringing. And this is all in the addition to the fact that they are, in the opinion of most men - the most beautiful girls of the planet!


small info about Ukraine: Full country name:Ukraine
Area: 603,700 sq km
Population: 48.05 million
Capital City:Kiev
People: Ukrainian 73%, Russian 22%, Jewish 1%
Language:Ukrainian, Russian
Religion: Ukrainian Orthodox, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox, Ukrainian Catholic
Government: republic
Major Trading Partners:Russia, China, Turkey, Germany, Belarus, US, Poland, Italy

Recently, more and more often we can hear the question about commercialism of the Slav brides. Many men claim that money and material possessions are all their interests. What is the attitude of the Ukrainian women towards money? Of course different people act in different ways. Read more …

Beautiful but lonely. This combination of words sounds amazing, and does not make any sense according to the opinion of many men. However - the loneliness is the one of the biggest problems of the most attractive women in the world, Ukrainian women. Why does it happen?

Of course, none can draw a general portrait of a nation or nationality. All the people are quite different, even within the same society. However, we will try to give a general characteristics of the women from Ukraine.

The outer and inner beauty - that's what distinguishes Ukrainian women. And with that very few people can argue. Let's try to throw away all the myths and objectively understand the reasons of this phenomenon.