The Uzbek people have always been known for a great respect for women. They are full members of society and have a great opportunity for self-realization. Today, many men in Uzbekistan already resigned to the fact that the modern woman is not only a housewife, as it was in the past centuries. Uzbek woman is smart, active and assiduous. There is an Uzbek proverb: “When you teach your son - you teach one person, when you teach your daughter - you teach the whole family! ". It says about the role of woman in the family, about the moral and spiritual basis.
In Uzbekistan is still strong institution of the family, which remains the most important value in a life of every person. In this country is one of the lowest divorce rates in the world. Uzbek families tend to have many children, especially in rural areas where women are largely run their households, combining them with crafts classes - spin yarn, embroidery, carpet weaving. Handmade products are indispensable attribute of every home that they decorate with love. In general, a sedentary lifestyle has developed a respect for the dwelling. The yards and even the streets near the houses are clean. The dishes of Uzbek cuisine are not only practical; they are also with a special craftsmanship. They are famous all over around the world: unique Uzbek pilaf, flavorful shourpa, juicy manty, made of dough and meat, fresh smoked with special spices shish kebab. And all this is the merit of the Uzbek women!

The special features of the beauty of Uzbek women and girls - their eyes, eyebrows and hair. Uzbek girls’ eyes are sparkling, eyebrows are burning and the hair is long! But the main advantage is in the eastern beauties their special inner beauty, gentleness of character, patience, gentleness and generosity. Uzbek woman is a loving mother, responsibly caring for their children, and the good obedient wives for their respected husbands.