Slavic beauties are a kind of international brand. Girls from Russia and Ukraine are very popular among famous world designers, photographers, film directors, and enviable fiances-millionaires. They are wished and always actual. Attractiveness and charm or Russian and Ukrainian brides is often intended ‘for export’. Conquered by beauty of Slavic women, thousands of foreigners annually come to countries of the former USSR for brides. And though Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian women have common genetic roots, there is still an argument in the internet – where do the most beautiful women live – in Russia or in Ukraine?

We offer you to answer this question for yourself, having looked at photos of two beauty contests and having compared them. One of the contests took place in Russia, and the other one took place in Ukraine.

One should note that for the majority of Russian and Ukrainian girls life is a podium, that’s why they should always look perfectly, even if they went out to take a newspaper from a postbox or for a walk with a dog. Beauty means power and respect. ‘Nobody can evaluate one’s rich inner world at first site, but any man will pay his attention at an attractive woman’. That is how a phenomenon of beauty and charm of Russian women is explained by a popular Russian dating service

The fact that Russian women look always good upon a closer view seems to be scary, while if you are going to go out somewhere with her, you should put a great deal of effort to look decently near her. In other case everybody will look at you and ask a question: what does this beauty do near this beast?