What does a man look for in a Russian girl?
In general - a moral, cultured, pretty and communicative girl (woman) from Russia (the former USSR) who is ready to use every effort for creation and supporting of a happy marriage.
At the same time, unlike for fellow countrymen, for serious fiances it is not required at all for the bride to succeed in her carrier. Moreover, men are often READY to take a woman with a child and even invite her parents (and accommodate them). To have a wife from Russia is very prestigious and it became not for nothing an object of proudness and even envy of others. For to have a good wife is one of the main benefits in this earthly life. And Russian women are famous for as the best wives not for nothing: affectionate, pretty, attentive, faithful, demanding within reasonable bounds (but not pursuing only financial aims). As women not subject to an absurd idea of emancipation and putting their family’s worries at the first place (ladder climbers as the majority of western feminists). Russian wives since the dawn of time are housewifely and faithful, nonmaterial and not mercantile at all. They are happy to dedicate their life to their family’s worries and only then (if needed) to their carrier. At the first place is a desire to create a family. And probably a Russian originality.
Conclusion –at the acquaintance try to use the main argument – seriousness of relations. A desire to create a firm, friendly family based on love and trust is your main string.
Usually ladies from Russia and countries of the CIS who have already defined their search criteria hope to meet an all-right man, clever, successful, dependable, caring and definitely KIND without any bad habits (not drinking, not burning up the town and desirably not smoking). Age and nationality usually have no difference, as well as appearance too.
Don’t frighten others away describing too much about your family. An impression can be made that they (your family) will always be at the first place for you and your wife will fade into insignificance.
Don’t write in your form or at the beginning of your correspondence about your defects, past mistakes, misses done during lifetime or about anything negative in general. Even about for example such a thing that you don’t like the place where you live. Later it can be delicately informed about.
The main thing is to begin positively conveying others with their buoyancy and positive energy. At the same time it doesn’t mean that you have to pretend and claim to be a different person. It is better recommended to work refine oneself to correspond to higher standards (than those present at the moment). And, doubtless, it is worth thinking what the others would like to see you and to ponder over criticism – one should simply take it to one’s heart!
Avoid short harsh answers which can be interpreted incorrectly and can give an incorrect impression of you (for example, don’t write a harsh ‘I am very busy now'... Change it for 'I would very much like to write more, but unfortunately this week (today, one of these days) I have it tough with my business. Despite this I send you a couple of lines and hope for your understanding. One of these days I will definitely write you more. And I am waiting for your answer with impatience’.
It is very much recommended to use a web-cam and at least sometimes use it for an instant communication. It will not only improve trust and interest to you and you will be able to check if your companion is the person she claims to be.
Try reading our articles about Russian women’s psychology (believe, depending on religion and nationality men and women have their own specific peculiarities which are very important to know and take into account). They won’t only open a new world of secret feelings, emotions and different approach to this or that situation for you but will also give you personally a priceless help in your further marriage.
Always be gallant, careful and polite. These are some of the main factors of SUCCESS.


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