Most Russian ladies are called "special women”. How to understand the meaning of the word special? Why are women so different?
Here it is an example. Russian girls (also Ukrainian, and Belarusian - all Slav ladies) are known as beautiful and open to communication. So, you meet somewhere in the company of friends a young, beautiful woman, and getting acquainted with her.
The first wave of surprise will cover you in the moment when it becomes clear that the girl, whom you thought just a student with model look, hold a serious post in a big company, or even runs her own business.
"Well, if the girl has a brilliant career, or even a private company, she was obviously sacrificed for the sake of family happiness and motherhood” - suggest you because in your area – in Europe or America, for the most part is exactly what happens.
And it turns out that our girl is happily married, and her children (and even some!) are making progress in different areas of the arts and sports, and the older child is in high school or even university. And then you have a question. She is so beautiful; she looks so young, so why does she have such adult children? And also when did she have time for her career?
Yes, to combine family and brilliant career, motherhood, and a great figure, stress and natural beauty, adult responsibility, and the immediacy, so Slav girls know how to do their best. And that's what makes them special and unique.


Without any doubts most of the Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian girls are very, very beautiful! They take care about their appearance – they pay attention to all the details, knowing that we men look at them with wide eyes. Read more….

"Russian soul" of all Slav women always stands out. Those who are not fixated only on the exterior, and has also a spiritual beauty, as if lit from within! Men notice and feel it, this girl is always special, always stands out from the crowd. Read more….

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