Internet-acquaintances with brides from Russia. Myths and realities.
Today dating business is presented by a huge diversity. There exists an innumerable quantity of paid dating sites of foreign as well as local origin. It is enough just to enter key words in Google search…
Is it really not enough to find one’s own, such wished happiness? Everything turns to be not as simple as it could be wished. Entering a page of any dating site one can see a very familiar address promising mountains of gold. It can be characterized as the best, the most beautiful, kind, honest and… girls are looking for a big, pure, real love! The number of profiles of beautiful and young girls is really shocking. An impression is that a half or Russia and Ukraine is lonely and unhappy. Is it really so?

On the other side, a number of foreign men who have profiles on dating sites and in dating agencies practically don’t give way to a women’s equivalent. Why? As a good half of men speak, they need a kind, caring girl ready for family creation. In the mind of a foreign man an image of an obedient, kind, family-oriented Slavic girl took deep root. Here you have a demand and here you have an offer.
A typical form of an average American man searching for a Slavic bride looks approximately so: man in the age from 30 to 65 years old (surely, there are younger and older) is looking for a girl in the age from 18 to 30 (it's the most widespread age limit).
They are not confused with a big age difference as it is not a problem for the majority of girls. Many make use of a wish of East European girls to leave their home in the hope for a ‘better life’. Some men openly assert that they just want 'to buy' a beautiful, young wife who as a gratitude for being given a ticket to ‘a better life’ will embody an image of an East European ideal girl.
Relying on the results of the polling, dating agencies made up a portrait of a typical Russian girl – user of dating sites. It turned out that such a girl doesn’t smoke (or is quitting smoking), doesn’t drive a car and doesn’t raise her voice when arguing. More than that, she is not spoiled with expensive gifts. In the relations with men for such a woman love is the most important though 28% of polled consider that their choice should have a job, a car and a flat, it means to be a socially successful man. To the girls' opinion, a man should be the first to show initiative when getting acquainted through the Internet.



To teach rules of acquaintance is an ungrateful and a senseless affair. Every person is individual and has their own point of view on how to behave in this or that situation. But definite peculiarities and stereotypes of making acquaintances still exist. What is the secret of a seduction of Russian women-brides? Read more

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All girls are generally divided into good and bad ones. An evaluation criteria is simple: if a hardly known man hints at intimacy a good one positively asserts: ‘no!’ and a bad one takes interest in ‘when?’ Just so sounds an anecdote popular in Russia. What are they really different in?

It’s not a cheap pleasure to become a client of a good dating agency. Translating of mail, additional services, chats and so on – one should pay for everything. Is there a possibility to find a wife from Russia for free? Surely, there is. The easiest way is trying to meet a lonely Russian girl who speaks English in Facebook, Twitter or some other social network. For more details

Unfortunately, married women in Russia also sometimes lack feeling of happiness and being desired. Everything in their life is usual and predictable, but flirtation gives all these forgotten wonderful sensations. The majority of them don’t expect any ‘continuation’ and use flirt only as a doping which gives sureness in their femininity and knowing how to conquer men. Well, why do Russian married women emerge on international dating sites?