Lately almost every serious dating agency or a dating site highly recommend Russian and Ukrainian girls uploading a video to their profile, not just pictures. And then girls' profiles with videos are actively advertised. What is the reason?

There is no secret that men better like to watch videos than to read or listen. And the popularity of YouTube is another justification for that. But a popularity of videos on dating sites is connected not only with this. Everyone knows boundless options of Photoshop. And everyone knows how one can make an unspeakable beauty out of an average photo. With some knowledge of using the program. For instance, look at this video – just in some minutes an ordinary girl becomes a top model with the help of Photoshop.

It is more difficult to make it out of a video. It is not so easy to smarten and improve. This is an explanation to the popularity of videos on dating sites. A video will show a man a real Russian girl, not a talent of a picture editor who was engaged in information processing. Just that’s why men prefer watching videos, because they understand that so they will see a girl more 'real'.
Besides, a picture has been static anyway. And a video can show emotions and movement, a personal charm and spell which can’t be conveyed in a picture, no matter how talented a photographer is.

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A video gives a girl more possibilities to tell about herself than photos and a text of a profile. Just agree that the most talentedly written text won’t say more of you than a couple of sentences which you utter alive. And no photo will tell a man anything about an inner world of a Russian girl as 1 minute of a video.

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Social networks are a perfect place for meeting a woman of your life. Quite many men know it and use internet-dating actively for a search of a wife. And what about brides from Russia? They can also be met, for example in Facebook. But one should take into consideration some special aspects of such search. Our advices.